Post-Disaster Emergency Settlement: After many earthquakes such as 1999 Marmara Earthquake, 2003 Iran Bam Earthquake, 2011 Van earthquake and 2020 Elazig Earthquake, DORCE actively participated in disaster management process by completing projects, aiding and donating through close cooperations with institutions such as AFAD ( Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey ), United Nations and JICA.

Earthquake Resistance of Prefabricated Modular Steel Houses: Our prefabricated modular steel structures are designed in accordance with the soil structure of different regions, they bend, deform, but are difficult to collapse during an earthquake due to their flexible and light structure. Therefore, by improving the spatial perception of prefabricated modular steel structures in seismic zones; It should be evaluated as an alternative with changes such as color, texture, material, light and form. Buildings such as high-rise residences, hotels and houses are produced by using quality-controlled Prefabricated Modular Steel structures designed in accordance with the soil structure in developed countries due to the flexibility provided by steel during an earthquake.

Refugee Housing: Refugee Integreated Facilities are settlements built to receive refugees in a specific location and to provide permanent and temporary living spaces when necessary, as a result of the mass migration where people have to change their countries or regions. Those who complete Refugee Integrated Facility projects and provide the necessary services are usually the governments, United Nations, international organizations or non-governmental organizations on the route of the migration movement.

Prefabricated modular steel building systems are the most preferred construction method for Refugee Accommodation Camps. Capability of completing turnkey projects with a high production capacity, organizational ability and contractor identity of the company that will produce these structures is the primary competence criterion in the relevant construction tenders of international organizations.