Integrated Facilities for Refugees are settlements built to receive refugees in a specific location and to provide permanent and temporary living spaces when necessary, as a result of the mass migration where people have to change their countries or regions. Those who complete Refugee Camp projects and provide the necessary services are usually gpvernments, United Nations, international organizations or non-governmental organizations on the route of the migration movement. Prefabricated modular structures and container cities have become widespread, which is more suitable life support project for permanent and temporary accommodation and relocation that occur in extraordinary situations such as natural disasters, wars or mass displacement movements (migrants, refugees, asylum seekers). DORCE successfully completes Emergency Accommodation and Refugees Camp Projects in many parts of the world. DORCE’s production facility located in Ankara/Turkey allows the production and shipment of more than 100 containers per day.

DORCE has successfully completed Refugee Container City with 100.000 person capacity in 4 different sites in Turkey; Yayladagi & Boynuyoğun, / Hatay, Kahramanmaras and Adana. DORCE is an approved supplier of the United Nations, International Organizations and more than 30 non-governmental organizations.

100.000 Person Refugee Integrated Facilties