DORCE provides the required materials and services on time with reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. It carries out by using end-to-end ERP for strategic supply chain processes for national and international supplier network with an effective category and supplier management. DORCE provides uninterrupted transportation to all over the world with multi-model alternatives that vary in accordance with employer preferences and routes.

After logistic service request is receieved through the digital platforms used in-house, the plan made by the Logistics and Transport department is shared with the relevant units in order to carry it out with an uninterrupted, secure and optimum solution.

The packaging is initiated in line with the project requirements after the routes are determined in the logistics process. The identity and detail information of each package is put into the operation. Then the packages are registered in the physical and electronic tracking system.

All appropriate protection measures are taken to prevent any damage to the packages. They are made ready in the most reliable and ergonomic way to be transported by road, sea and air in a complete and controlled manner.

DORCE benefits from the opportunities offered by digital transformation; manages logistics processes in the most efficient way by using ERP, electronic document management system, loading and vehicle route optimization softwares.